Where I’ve Been & Some Pictures

I have been really quiet on this blog lately for a few reasons.

1. I have been pretty busy with work. This is a good thing because my part time job has become any busier, so that can only me that I’ve been busy giving massages! These week was a little quieter, but last week was decently busy and I already have some appointments scheduled for Sunday and the beginning of next week. Yay!

2. I’ve been kind of sick. Between allergies basically ruining my life last week and an actual sore throat and cold knocking me out for the first half of this week, I’ve felt pretty worn down and not particularly inspired to blog much. I’m feeling better though and looking forward to a good weekend. Luckily, the weather in Baltimore has turned from pouring rain and miserable, to sunny and quite lovely.

3. I have been working on getting a couple of new projects together. They are still in the early stages, but once they are a bit more established, I’ll write all about them.

Hopefully I’ll be back to some more regular blogging next week. For now, enjoy some pictures from my birthday party this past weekend. You can check out the whole set, taken by my friend Maisy’s boyfriend Tim, here. He takes awesome photos.

It was such a fun night full of great friends

and adorable dogs

I had a blast!

Pretty Pictures



[via] {I love her hair!}




Inspiration Friday

Man With Umbrella by Shaddam IV via Flickr

Man With Umbrella by Shaddam IV via Flickr

It has started raining. This morning, it was warm and lovely. I took the dog for a walk before work and needed nothing more than a light-weight, zip-up hoodie. Now, it is raining. A cold front is supposed to be moving in and we’ll be back in the mid-40s by tomorrow morning and back to the 30s with a chance of “wintry mix” by Sunday.

For now though, with the rain falling lightly and the temperature holding steady around 60, it feels a bit like spring. I’m sure that feeling will only make it that much harder to bear the return of cold, crummy weather, but right now I’m rejoicing and feeling inspired by the thought of umbrellas and galoshes and the smell of the earth bouncing back to life.

Have a fantastic weekend! My parents are coming to visit this weekend and we’ll be attending the NCAA Lacrosse Face-Off Classic. Very exciting!

Aloha Oe

I had to move my office at work yesterday. I’m upstairs now in my own room that is twice the size of what I need. It’s a blessing and a curse. I’m far away from everyone else and kind of lonely, but I have a bunch of windows now and tons of natural light. It is cool and sunny today and quite windy. I’ve been watching the trees swaying outside all day and the sun bouncing off of the leaves got me thinking about warmth and how amazing it will be to vacation in Hawaii this December. I’m really getting excited about the trip and spent part of the morning researching activities and browsing Flickr for beautiful Hawaii photos. Here are some of the best ones I found. I can almost hear the ukuleles now!

image by Kaldoon

image by FoNgEtZ

image by Photolulu Guy

image by Jeff Kubina

image by Californie

I’m not sure yet if we’ll be hiking up any volcanoes or seeing any lava, but this picture is really awesome and makes me want to plan for those activities.

image by konaboy

Dan really wants to go surfing. I’m trying to approach the entire trip with a very open mind and a willingness to just relax, have fun and try anything, but my sense of adventure only extends so far. I see surfing as less of an opportunity for a good time and more as a chance to just have my nose and lungs fill up with water. We’ll see though. He might be able to convince me.

image by splorp

We are definitely going to go snorkeling though, which is one of the things that I am looking forward to the most. Again, possible opportunity for water in the lungs, but I think it will be worth it for the experience and the undeniable beauty.