Dear Radio, We Need To Talk

I turned on the radio while driving to work this morning and the first song to come on was Kings of Leon’s Use Somebody. No big surprise there, since that song is constantly being played on the radio. It’s not a bad song and two months and 748379483923 listens ago, I even kind of enjoyed it. But I’ve grown weary of hearing it, so I changed the station. And what song greeted me on this new station? Why yes, it was Kings of Leon’s Use Somebody. Immensely irritating, but again, not all that surprising since that damn track is about as omnipresent as oxygen. 

So I changed the channel again, only to find Sex on Fire, also by Kings of Leon. That’s enough! I can’t even name a freaking third Kings of Leon song, but I feel like I’ve heard these two songs more times in my life than I’ve heard my own name. 

You know what I ended up listening to, radio? Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman, by Bryan Adams. BRYAN ADAMS! That’s how I started my morning! You disgust me, radio. 

I’m thoroughly disgusted. 


[Note: if you are my mother you are probably thinking “Why didn’t you just turn off the radio?” Get out of here with your logic and reasonable solutions.]