Wear Today

Oy Vey! It has been a long week. I’m looking forward to going out tonight, having a couple of light, refreshing drinks and just relaxing and letting loose. The new house is coming along and I’ve got a big weekend of organization and cleaning ahead of me. But tonight, I’m planning to kick up my heels and have some fun.

Happy Friday!

Picture 3

This week, I went with items that were both cute and affordable. The best part is that I actually own these shoes and will be wearing them tonight!

Shoes: Nine West $49.99

Top: Wet Seal $21.50

Pants: Gap $44.99

Earrings: Overstock.com $26.80


Wear Today

Inspired by the fabulous outfits that Creature Comforts and Melissa Loves create each week for their joint feature Chic for Cheap, I have decided to create a new feature for my blog: Wear Today, in which I use the magic of Polyvore to design an ideal outfit for the conditions of my day–weather, activities, events I’m attending, etc. 

Where Chic for Cheap aims to provide great fashion choices for a reasonable price, I’ve decided to mostly ignore cost  in my designs. My real-life style is dependent upon cheap choices, so I’d rather just ignore cost when it comes to ideal fashion choices. This may change in future posts, but for now I’m just rolling with it. Let’s get started!


Today, it is mercifully cool after a string of 90 degree days, but it’s also rainy. Today’s outfit is rainy day wear that is dressy enough for work, while still a cute and comfortable option for the walk-through I have tonight at the house my husband and I are closing on this week! Enjoy and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!