What Does Halloween Mean To You?

Let’s Make A Deal

I got some potentially bad news a bit earlier that has put a huge damper on my day, but I’m soldiering on and looking forward to better things. Things like the Halloween block party I’m attending tomorrow night! 

Without much time or money to devote to costumes, my husband and I are going for something simple and easily available. I’ll be dressing up as Mickey Mouse and, because he’ll be surrounded by costumed-people and owns a swanky, 70s-style suit, Dan’s going as Monty Hall from Let’s Make A Deal. We’re going to put together a little game that we can play with trick-or-treaters and fellow block party attendees. It’s going to be awesome. 

Listen Up {Feel Good}

This song is so fun and lighthearted. It’s a great little pick-me-up on a cloudy day like the one we’re having here in Baltimore. 


Minnutes, “More To Luv”



I got these in an email from my mom earlier today. I wish I had better pumpkin carving skills because my adorable pooch would make for one cute jack-o-lantern! 

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 4

Picture 5

Picture 6

Picture 7

Picture 8

Ideas I Plan To Steal

I think I’m going to do this when I set up my new office. You could use them to hang lovely prints or photographs or as a clutter-free way of keeping important notes or meeting dates in clear site. Love it! 

{via 2 days in the rain}

Programming Note

Photo: creampuf


I spent the past weekend in Ann Arbor living it up with old college buddies. Now, I feel exhausted and the crappy weather sure isn’t helping. Posting will be light this week as I take more naps than any 24 year old ever should and try to recuperate. 

Feeling Bored?

I didn’t post a “Feeling Bored?” last week and am running a bit late with it this week because instead of being bored, I’ve been ridiculously busy. Here’s a short list of things to check out when you have a little free time at the end of the week. 


Apparently all you need to do to rev up your sex life is to rev up your vacuum cleaner

But maybe think twice about making a post-coital cup of coffee. Or at least put your clothes back on before you do. 


My husband and I are heading back to Michigan tomorrow night for a reunion with all our college buddies and the UM-PSU game. With football on my brain, these 20 Tantalizing Tailgating Recipes are seriously calling my name. 

Download a lovely, free! notecard

Put the money you save from downloading free notecards toward the purchase of a fancy new bra. It’s only $3 million!

Check Out

**Happiness Is…**

Shannon Eileen’s blog is full of beautiful pictures and fantastic posts. 

Some of my favorites are: 

Camilla Akrans Photography

Recycled Jewelry 

and Latte Art

Check out all her posts at the link above!

No, I Cannot Take You Higher. I Refuse To Because You Are Terrible.

There’s an article in Slate today encouraging everyone to give Creed a second chance. Erroneously titled “Creed Is Good,” the article recounts the band’s early triumphs and disastrous breakdown in preparation for Creed’s comeback album due out at the end of this month. 

In 1997, an unknown Florida hard-rock group called Creed spent $6,000 to make its debut album, My Own Prison. Talk about a good investment: An independent label, Wind-Up, signed the group, got Sony to provide distribution, and Creed became, for four years or so, one of America’s hugest bands. Its 1999 single, “Higher,” topped the modern-rock chart for 17 straight weeks. “With Arms Wide Open,” released the following year, reached the top of the pop charts, and won the Grammy for best rock song. Between 1997 and 2002, the band grossed more than $70 million touring. To date, it has sold 26 million records in the United States.

Apparently, by the end of 2002 the band began collapsing beneath the weight of lead singer Scott Stapp’s drug and alcohol addiction. Stapp nearly committed suicide and the band finally broke up in 2004. I had no knowledge of Stapp’s sordid, drug addled past. I always assumed the band broke up because, well, they sucked and eventually things that suck that bad must come to an end so that balance can be restored to our world. 

But anyway, Creed’s back and Slate thinks this is a good thing, even if it doesn’t pan out for the once inexplicably famous band. 

There’s no telling whether Creed will make good on its second chance, but the band deserves a second listen. If your impulse on hearing that it has reunited is to groan, stifle it long enough to locate a copy of Creed’s 2004 Greatest Hits collection. It’s a fantastic baker’s dozen of first-rate schlock-rock, courtesy of one of the most underrated and unfairly maligned groups in pop history.

Creed’s Greatest Hits collection has 13 songs?! That album should be two songs long: “Higher” and “With Arms Wide Open.” No, scratch that. That album shouldn’t even exist. Creed is terrible. 

I’m offended by Slate‘s assertion that 14 year old me was somehow not smart enough to realize that a band I thought was awful was actually really good and that if I could just drop my ego for a minute and give the God-loving suck-fest that was their break out album, Human Clay, another chance, I’d realize the error of my younger self’s ways. False, Slate! Granted, my ability to discern good music during the earlier years of my life was not foolproof (repeated listening to OMC’s “How Bizarre” more than proves that), but I was definitely smart enough to correctly determine that Creed was the suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked. And I’m definitely smart enough now to know better than to waste my time by giving them a second listen. 

God that band was and still is, just awful.

Feast On Fall

I absolutely love cold weather foods. 

Things like: 



Picture 20

Photos: 1; 2; 3; 4


and squash

Picture 22

Photos: 1; 2

Lots of potatoes

Picture 23

Photos: 1; 2; 3; 4

and sweet, delicious fall apples

Picture 21

Photos: 1; 2

One Pretty Thing

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