I’ve decided that rather than try to manage three separate blogs with three separate styles, I’m just going to combine them all into one blog that reflects my whole self and all of my interests. That means I’ll once again be doing some posts that are similar to what I did on this blog!

The Little Spoon is up and running, so check it out!

The Time Has Come…

…to say goodbye.

So I just simply cannot keep up with this blog. It pains me a bit to say it and to officially be done with it, but with three jobs and three other blogs, I just can’t devote enough time to this one.

For now, you can follow me on Twitter, check out my personal blog, my photo/story blog (updates coming soon–seriously, I’ve been crazy busy!) or follow the online book club that I started with my sister (who currently lives in Germany).

All the best!


Preparing For Fall

I’m ready for autumn. I’m ready for colorful leaves and knit sweaters and mugs full of chai tea and spiced cider.

{via claylicious}

Our Shop

I think the Ooh-La-La Tea Towel is my favorite item, but I pretty much want everything at Our Shop to be in my house.

Turning A Scarf Into A Top

A few years ago my brother visited Africa and brought me back an absolutely gorgeous scarf. It is very long and when wrapped around your neck, it’s thick and warm and very comfy during cold weather. But I had a hankering to wear it today, despite the low 80 temps we’re expecting. So I repurposed it into a top. Wrap around, tie at the neck, safety pin a couple of spots and voila! I feel nice and cool and oh so comfortable.

Outfit Envy

How cute is this little girl’s outfit? I want it.


Red Tree

If I had money to blow right now, I’d spend it at Red Tree, an awesome little design and furniture shop in the Hampden neighborhood in Baltimore.

Gifts and Talents

A friend of mine pointed these out to me today. Aren’t they lovely?

Full Gifts and Talents shop here.

The Long Jacket Look

I’m looking forward to fall. Cooler weather and a chance to rock the long jacket look? Sign me up.

{all images via Tomboy Style}

One Part Rustic, One Part Adorably Quaint



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